Introducing…The Bright Edit!

I know what you might be thinking – this girl wants me to keep up with yet another thing? No! Well…not really, hear me out!

I’m super into the little vibe we have going over on Instagram! I love chatting with you, answering your questions, setting up personal beauty consultations, and creating fun videos. Honestly, that was such a great distraction throughout the early days of this pandemic when I had literally nothing to do (I did NOT know what to do with that empty calendar). But here’s the thing: sometimes I have advice to give or something to highlight that is WAY too long for a daily story, too much info for a caption, or will take more time to talk through than a 15 minute IGTV will allow. SO! Without further ado, I give you…The Bright Edit!

The Bright Edit will be a place to find write ups of my favorite beauty products and techniques, some insight from other beauty pros that I trust, and perhaps the occasional client spotlight. I mean, it’s basically another blog in a world with sooo many blogs – I’m not trying to be revolutionary here! But think of it as a tiny beauty column where you can go to read more about some of the things you like seeing on Instagram! It’s merely another way for you to get info without having to sit through a 15 minute video of me droning on about blush (let it be known that I will still be making 15 minute videos droning on about blush, don’t you worry).

Thank you all for all the love and support, especially in the last few months! I’ve appreciated all the questions, double taps, and story shares. If blogs aren’t your thing, I’ll see you on the ‘gram! If you’re the kinda person who likes to relax with a drink and some good online reading material, I’ll see you right back here very soon!

xx Kris

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